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Straight from the garment industry this 5/8" wide fold-over elastic has a change of weave down the center allowing you to easily fold the elastic over your fabric edge. When folded and applied, it becomes a satin finish 1/4" wide trim. One side is slightly wider than the other allowing you to stitch from the top knowing it will catch the bottom layer. Use this elastic for finishing necklines, armholes and sleeves on woven or knit garments.

Sold By the Yard 

Solid Colors - $.99 per yard ~ Prints and Metallics - $1.89 per yard

Please note: Due to individual monitor/computer settings, actual elastic color may differ slightly than shown.

Here's a great tip from Sue K:

"One tip I learned about sewing miters—look at the two pieces as if they form the sides of a capital A. Your seam crosses the A."