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Photo Gallery

The Gallery will re-direct you to our Flickr account where you can view all the samples in a slide show format!

 Brief Escape  Cheri's Reversible  City Safari Duo  Fast n Fun: Circle Jacket  Fast n Fun: Flip Over Vest  Fast n Fun: Flippy Gored Skirt  Fast n Fun: Hoodie Jacket
 Fast n Fun: Pick a Pocket  Fast n Fun: Simply Terrific Tee  Fast n Fun: Swirl Scarf  Flight Jacket  Flounce About Jacket  Getting to the Point Jacket  Journey Jacket Two
 Perfect Pair  Plenty of Pockets Pants  Portlandia  Rochelle's Reversible  Sew Accessorized  Sew Many Travel Accessories  Shell Seeker
 Shopper's Vest  T-Shirt Trifecta  Topnotch Tunic  Town & Country  Twice As Nice  Two for the Road  Wear With All Jacket
  Fashion Show - International Textiles Expo - Las Vegas (March 2013)  Fashion Show - International Textiles Expo - Las Vegas (March 2012)   Fashion Show - Artistry in Fashion - Redwood City (September 2012)  IPCA Midnight Magic Contest (March 2012)   IPCA Ticket to Paradise Contest (February 2013)


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